May 26, 2012


Long (soon to be!) summer days and walks on the boardwalk call for a bit of bad ass and edge. I have been studding my TOMS as well as friends' to make a bit of cash. They have gotten many compliments in the middle of shopping trips to Nordstrom and my local Westfield Mall. These studded TOMS look so professionally done and little do people know it only costs a few dollars to do! You could get these 10mm studs from eBay or Etsy. Can you say genius?

Have fun studding! I know I did.


May 24, 2012


Lately, I have been spotting American Flag Print everywhere. My sister has recently picked up an American Flag Scarf from Brandy Melville! It's really amazing, it really is. Also, with July 4th coming soon, these are the perfect things to wear. I personally do not have a pair, but I am on the lookout! Instead, to get the same look and feel, I paired my striped red and white chiffon button up with my high waisted shorts that I have been wearing nonstop. I got them for $9 from an online thrift/used/random facebook shop online. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. All photos lead to their sources.

May 16, 2012


DIY Studded Backpack, Crochet Top from F21, Denim Cutoffs from Thrift Store, Black Booties from Forever 21

Today I purchased these denim cutoffs for only $9. They fit perfectly and are amazing! I also love my new crochet top with my DIY studded backpack. You could purchase these studs from Etsy or another studding site. Happy Wednesday :)



Cobalt Blue Dress from F21, Necklace from UO, Black Wedges from Target!

Hi y'all! Today I got in the mail this beautiful cobalt blue dress from Forever 21. Unfortunately, I had to return it today because it wasn't my cup of tea. It's still available on the site if you are interested :)


May 8, 2012

As of late, I have been making American Apparel-esque bows and twisty headscarves: the perfect pop of color to any outfit. They are super easy to make, and I have been selling them to my friends, schoolmates, etc. It's been getting super hot here... almost 90 degrees. These headscarves (below) are perfect for keeping my hair out of my face. 

May 5, 2012


Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a mini collective haul I have for you. The weather has been amazing and will be amazing next week: highs in the high 70s. Perfect for this lightweight open knit sweater, crochet knit tank, and a sheer striped button up that I purchased from Forever 21. I also bought a pair of nude platforms from Payless. I got them for $20 and they make a great dupe for the Steve Madden Dynamite. If you're wondering about my backpack, I got it as a birthday gift from my sisters! I studded the bottom myself with silver bag studs from Etsy.
Now back to curling up in a ball and finishing up my book: A Game of Thrones. It is definitely a page turner and a great read, y'all should check it out!
I also went to the movies yesterday to watch The Avengers. A great mix of action, humor, and superheroes. Go watch it now!